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I currently work as an adjunct lecturer at Brooklyn College and a private instructor for students of all ages.

I regularly design curriculum that focuses not only on sharpening analytical skills, but forges a greater understanding and curiosity of today’s modern world and the historical context that our reality is founded on. I take pride in awakening students to global issues and challenging them to contemplate how their individual actions affect the future of our society, other cultures, and the ecosystem of the planet.

My lessons present the reading and writing process as an exercise in growing our awareness. I encourage reflection through free, personal writing that becomes the foundation upon which a student (of any age) begins her individual journey into discovering her perspective and voice.

As a published and practicing writer, I am especially passionate about the role creative works play in learning. 

I am interested in providing weekly support with reading and writing skills, English, history or humanities homework, creative writing enrichment, private tutorials on classic novels and poetry, essays for high school and college applications, or anything else related to this field.


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